About Us


Our Story:

The Grime Boss is a small family company, with big family values. It started off with an internet video that went viral and brought the attention of a young newly wed couple to the slightly off white color of the grout between their kitchen tiles. After an extensive amount of research and slight obsessing, the two found the perfect machinery and eco friendly cleaner combination to keep their tiles looking ageless! Since then, Mr. and Mrs. Viveiros have founded this company to provide necessary sanitation and re-beautification of your tile floors! We strive to provide an unbeatable quality service at an HONEST and affordable price. At The Grime Boss we know that your home is where your heart is and we'll go the extra mile for you.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

How We're Different:

Here at The Grime Boss we strive to erase the phrase "service is not the same anymore" from our costumer's vocabulary! If you're tired of always waiting for late technicians, paying for over priced but necessary services, and overall experiencing bad costumer service then search no further! Our PROMISE to you is that we'll always be there on time, we'll always offer the best prices, and we'll go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.